April 29, 2019

Vostok1520 joins OSJD

Railway operator Vostok1520 (part of First Heavy Haul Company) was awarded Associated Enterprise membership of the Organization for Cooperation of Railways (OSJD) at the 34th Conference of General Directors of OSJD Railways, which took place in April 2019 in Seoul.

The company will participate in the OSJD’s work to improve and revise the legal framework governing the conditions of international rail transport. Associated Enterprise status allows the company:

  • to outline a consistent policy on the use of innovative cars across the OSJD space, in member nations from Western Europe to China, as part of the commissions and sessions of the OSJD governing bodies;
  • to participate in the sessions of the working groups on introducing changes to the basic regulatory statutes of the OSJD (for example “Rules on the use of freight cars in international transport”) as part of the third commission on freight traffic;
  • to participate in meetings of representatives of railways and foreign trade organizations on the coordination of international freight traffic volumes;
  • to hold international events and conferences under the auspices of the OSJD.

The OSJD is an international organization, founded at a meeting of ministers of railway transport on 28 June 1956 in Sofia. The OSJD’s members consist of transport ministries and central state bodies responsible for railway transportation in 27 countries. The OSJD’s provisions stipulate that any firm or organization directly involved in the activities of railways can participate as an associated enterprise.

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