June 26, 2019

Vostok1520 holds its leading position in rolling stock fleet performance

Performance is calculated using indicators for turnover and active fleet, identifying the amount of useful work done by the cars. It is one of the most important indicators of operator efficiency. The company’s technological solutions, involving the decision to introduce a next-generation fleet and taking into account specific aspects of transportation towards each destination, have allowed it to hold onto its leading position in the railway operator sector for an extended period. The new cars, which come with improved technical specifications and economic advantages, help to eradicate idle time, ensure a high level of fail-safe performances, and reduce instances of uncoupling during running repairs.  For comparison, cars of this type undergo one scheduled repair and five to six running repairs per million kilometres travelled. Standard models undergo six scheduled repairs and 12–15 running repairs. The high volume of useful work ensures that a regular flow of rolling stock can be provided for freight owners, allowing for timely loading and unloading and reducing the burden on the transport infrastructure.

Vostok1520 kept seventh place in INFOLine’s overall rating of the top 30 operators.

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