April 16, 2019

Balanced development of port capacities impossible without corresponding changes to railway infrastructure

The potential for developing land transport infrastructure can be increased through technological improvements to how empty rolling stock is dealt with, believes Managing Director of railway operator Vostok1520 Vladimir Sosipatorov.

“The current transshipment capacities of the ports of the Eastern Polygon outperform the carrying capacity of the railways by 30 – 40%,” said the Managing Director of operator Vostok1520 Vladimir Sosipatorov, appearing at the session on ‘Maritime cargo transportation: development of sea ports and terminals’, organised by KPMG as part of the TransRussia 2019 business programme.

According to Sosipatorov, this is a limiting factor on the development of exports and domestic transportation and is having an effect on delivery times for freight from the Kuzbass region. Next-generation cars partially compensate for the limited throughput capacity: in 2018, an additional 10 million tonnes of coal were exported thanks to the use of high-capacity rolling stock (this volume simply would not have been shipped in standard cars). Another problem them is the lack of capacity of railway yards to process empty cars. Currently, a large number of unrouted empty cars are haemorrhaging funds away from RZD and creating additional expenditures for the transport operator. A solution to this problem could provide up to 10% growth in eastbound carrying capacity.

In the current climate where export volumes to the west are falling and growth is being observed in the eastbound direction, the market trend must be accounted for and a decision taken promptly, claims Sosipatorov.

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