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Legal information for users of the Vostok1520 Limited Liability Company (OOO Vostok1520) website

This website, registered at (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”), is the property of Vostok1520 Limited Liability Company (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”). The Website is a resource providing public information about the Company. Any information posted on the Website is for informational purposes only and under no circumstances constitutes a public offer, as set out in paragraph 2 of article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

The message form addressed to OOO Vostok1520, posted on the Website in the “Rolling Stock” and “Contact us” sections, is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a public offer as set out in article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, or the entry of OOO Vostok1520 into negotiations on the signing of an agreement (or agreements) in accordance with article 434.1 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. OOO Vostok 1520 reserves the right to decide whether to respond to messages sent using the message form in the “Rolling stock” and “Contact us” sections of the Website.


Below are the rules which apply to all visitors on the Website.

Visitors have the right to view and use the materials posted on the Website, subject to compliance and agreement with these rules. Use of the Website is taken as confirmation of the user’s acceptance of these rules and agreement to adhere to them.In the event that the Website rules are violated by visitors, the Company reserves the right to use all available protective measures provided for by common law or equity law. These rules apply to all visits to the Company’s Website at present and in the future.General limitation of liability

The Company undertakes all possible measures to ensure the maximum accuracy and reliability of any information posted on the Website. However, the Company does not bear responsibility for the accuracy of this information.

The Company reserves the right to change materials published on the Website at any time without prior notice. Reference to third-party products and services is made for informational purposes only and does not constitute support or recommendation from the Company.

Links to third-party websites

The Website may contain information about third-party websites. Following a link from the Website to any other online resource is done at the user’s own discretion and risk.

The Company does not bear responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of information, data, opinions, recommendations or statements made on these websites. These links are given solely for the sake of convenience and their use does not imply that the Company endorses or takes responsibility for the content of these websites.


Trademarks, logos and service marks posted on the Website are the property of the Company or third parties. Users are not permitted to use the above trademarks, logos and service marks without the prior written consent of the Company or the relevant third party. Vostok1520 Limited Liability Company is a registered trademark.

Limited license

This Website and all of its content, including design, text, graphics, program source code, and software is subject to copyright. All rights are reserved, subject to copyright and intellectual property laws. Violation of the above rights is subject to prosecution in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

By copying any of the materials on this Website, you agree to retain all of the copyright and other appropriate marks of the original material. Except for the above, and without the prior written consent of the Company and an obligatory link to the Website, all other actions will be interpreted, whether indirectly, intentionally, or otherwise, as a misappropriation of licensing or patent rights, trademarks or copyrights of the Company or third party.Visitors and users are not permitted to modify, distribute, or publish the materials of the Website, or create any works for public or commercial use on the basis thereof.

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