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Vostok1520 is a commercial operator of a next generation fleet of rolling stock.

The Vostok1520 transport company was founded in 2014, providing transportation services for the coal mining and metallurgy industries using increased payload capacity cars. Vostok1520's efficiency on the rail transportation market is the result of the high performance levels of the freight cars combined with improved technical and economic specifications.


Vostok1520 carries out its activities with the aim of implementing technological solutions to increase the efficiency of freight transportation, providing positive results for all participants in the transportation chain: the shipper, operator and owner of the infrastructure.

Vostok1520 fleet consists of 75- and 77-tonne universal gondola cars on Tikhvin bogies with an axle load of 25 tf by model 18-9855. The bogie`s design is the result of the world’s best practices for safety, operational reliability and life cycle cost.


Деятельность «Восток1520» нацелена на реализацию технологических решений для повышения эффективности перевозок грузов, положительный эффект от которых получают все участники перевозки: грузоотправитель, оператор, владелец инфраструктуры.


Изначально парк подвижного состава «Восток1520» состоял из универсальных полувагонов и вагонов-хопперов для минеральных удобрений на инновационных тележках с нагрузкой 25 тс производства Тихвинского вагоностроительного завода. Затем компания вошла в сегмент перевозок зерна, а в конце 2014-го начала заниматься перевозками грузов в уникальных для рынка глуходонных полувагонах повышенной грузоподъемности 77 т.

Partnership with RZD

Vostok1520 is developing heavy haul transport technologies in partnership with RZD to increase the payload capacity of the railway infrastructure by increasing train mass and axle loads.

Trains weighing 7,100 tonnes for eastern routes and up to 9,000 tonnes for western routes are being assembled without additional investments in track extensions for receiving and departure yards at stations. Developments in heavy haul are underway in practically all areas of transportation, and Russian best practice is proving an attractive proposition for other countries.

Vostok1520 plans to further develop its competencies in the operation of next generation freight cars and in its technical and operational standards, which adhere to the Strategy for Developing Rail Transport in the Russian Federation up to 2030. The increase in the share of next generation freight cars will significantly reduce the size of the fleet operating across the rail network and increase the payload capacity of the infrastructure as a whole.

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